Supply of cast iron moulds for glass bottle production

Supply of cast iron moulds for glass bottle production.

As the final step of the project process, our company offers to supply both test and serial moulds for all types of glass-blowing machines used at glass bottles production factories.

It is critical that all drawings are completed correctly, in addition to choosing the correct cast-iron alloy type to ensure quality of the moulds. These moulds are produced in China by our partner company, which is one the biggest suppliers in China with many years of experience.

Moulds are supplied in 2 stages

Stage 2 – serial moulds

Stage 2 – serial moulds. This stage is critical in the process of glass bottle production. Correct selection of the materials, metal processing and finishing will directly affect the total production capacity and repair-ability of the moulds. Our representatives in China will guarantee meticulous quality control. Our company also provides logistic services, allowing to find optimum delivery cost and timing making sure the moulds arrive in time.

  1. We oversee production and supply for all Uzbekistani glass bottle producing factories JV "CAMPALIA GLASS", JSC "ASL-OYNA", JSC "KVARTS" and «KARAKALPAKSTEKLOTARA» LLC.
  2.   It is also possible to supply moulds for foreign glass bottle producing factories that use modern the glass-blowing automatic machines like EME 5.5”, GPS 5", У8М, НЕYE 5", BB7 and others.